Enabling smart fumigation with Moskeet

Without any information base, incorrect and over-fumigation unnecessarily impacts health and the environment. Moskeet uses state-of-the-art Smart Mosquito Sensors and a browser-based Moskeet Dashboard to alert public authorities regarding location, density and type of mosquito population over the telecom network. This enables quantitative impact assessment of fumigation activities.

How we go about the process

After an extensive survey, the Moskeet Team identifies locations where mosquito problems exist and install Moskeet in those locations.
Smart Mosquito Sensors continuously report the type of mosquitoes, mosquito gender, the density of mosquito population, temperature and precipitation.
Breeding sites and disease occurrences are displayed on the dashboard.
Based on triggers set in Moskeet Dashboard, when the mosquito population reaches high density, an alert is sent to public authorities to take a relevant mosquito control action.
After preventive measures, Moskeet Dashboard continues to report reduced mosquito density.

Moskeet is a one-time investment that can be paid back through reduced fumigation, proactively enhanced safety and reduced administrative expenses.

What makes Moskeet revolutionary

Effective management of mosquito control
Optimizes pesticide effectiveness and reduces cost by 25%-35%.
Lowers mosquito-borne diseases
Controls outbreak and reduce healthcare expenses

Leading the possibility of a vector-borne disease-free world with Technology

Moskeet IOT Devices send data to cloud servers even in low network areas. Proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms are deployed at TrakItNow cloud servers. The data is processed in real-time so that the mosquito count and other related reports are reflected with the updated data. A browser-based Moskeet Dashboard displays information relayed by Smart Mosquito Sensors to aid the decision of when and where to take control measures. In case of network failure, the data is saved and forwarded when the network is back up.
Specifications Details
Trap 3.5 x 2.5 x 0.5
Recommended Mounting Height 8 Ft
Weight 15 lbs
Sensors IR Emitters/IR Dectectors
Communication to Cloud Cellular Network
Storage SD Card
Location GPRS Module

Roadmap for future possibilities of innovation

Virus Detection

To detect Zika, Chikungunya & Dengue viruses in mosquitoes in real-time.

Larvae Surveillance

Locate larvae breeding sites using drones for surveillance.

Meet the brilliant minds behind Moskeet

The company bringing you this true IoT Solution

TrakItNow is a deep-tech company founded with a passion to create a considerable impact on society. Their solutions focus on public health, public safety and connected vehicles. They are headquartered in the USA with an Indian subsidiary in Hyderabad focused on the Indian market. It is the world’s first start-up with patented technology that can help control mosquito-borne diseases. TrakItNow aims to impact 100 million lives globally by 2024.