Green Practices

Absolute green impact

No one knows a better way to fulfill the needs of a child than mother nature. Her kindness fills our hearts with gratitude, and therefore we hope to do our bit for her. Taking little steps to ensure clean air, water, soil, and energy is how we create a green impact on nature.

Reduce, Reuse,

Also known as the concept of 3Rs, you will find our little efforts of implementing it in internal flooring, false ceiling, and construction of spaces. All the materials used to build them are recyclable, reusable and used without wastage

The Seedball

For every plant that is planted, nature smiles and blesses the world. Moreover, the quality of surroundings improves. To push this thought forward, we have started the Seedball Initiative


We collect rainwater, kitchen and garden waste to use less water from our other resources produce our manure and energy. Reduced consumption from other means is another way we contribute to nature

Energy Saving


There are multiple ways to do our bit for nature, and at Grape County, we understand that. Thus, we have taken initiatives to save power and energy on our premises. For example, you will notice the use of skylights instead of artificial lights and energy-efficient plumbing fixtures

Social Initiative


In nature, everything is co-dependent, which enriches an individual and the entire system. Creating a similar module, we frequently organise social initiatives such as Farmer’s market, Anjaneri ultra trek, Keda fest. A biodiversity park with varieties of flora and fauna is also a part of this module