Green Spaces

It is our conscious choice to adopt sustainable practices while building an eco-house. Simple measures like using things from nature, reducing, energy consumption, recycling and reusing wastewater, making use of solid waste of composting and solar power generation have helped us reduce the carbon footprint to a great extent. Choose to stay close to nature and amongst like-minded individuals who value nature as much as you do.


Vaitarna Highlands is a sanctuary for life ever-known. Imagine having a piece of land as your own in the midst of all this. The ample of green spaces and lots of nature-led activities like kayaking and fishing, together spell the good life.


Nestles on the spiritually and culturally rich-Godavari Bank is our lush-green land at Breze. Its enormous reservoir, mountains and thriving fauna, together with our unique wellness concept offer a life close to nature. Doesn’t this seem like a perfect spot to build your second home?

North Stream

North Stream near Nashik city in the glorious Anjaneri Hills alongside a gently flowing rivulet. Encompassing of just 20homes, this project is an eco-haven designed around nature to bring you true, ethereal beauty while soothing your soul. In the rich biodiversity of the Anjaneri Hills, stimulate all your senses and attain peace in the holy birthplace of Lord Hanuman.