Beauty that mesmerises all your senses

Once upon a time, there was a barren land surrounded by lush green mountains, pristine lakes, and rich biodiversity. Some nature enthusiasts spotted it and took up the challenge of making it as beautiful as its surroundings. After years of hustle, they emerged triumphantly and now proudly call this new abode ‘Grape County’

Green Journey

When we were restoring the barren land, our primary vision was to restore the natural habitat for flora and fauna of the region. Thus, we started with a biodiversity park which now boasts of hundreds of species for all types of living beings (except humans, of course). Over the years, an artificial lake, eco stays, and sustainable initiatives have become integral to our green journey.


Live In

Living in nature gives rewards to enjoy. Feel the rustling of the leaves, spend time in the flowing currents of water, smile at the little squirrels in our premises and spend days in soothing luxury

Absorb Your

Simple activities like spending time by the lake, exploring flora and fauna, or listening to birds’ chirping help our guests cherish an experience of eco-community. We encourage such initiatives as it allows them to feel close to nature

With Nature

Plug into nature to co-exist with it. The rich biodiversity at our premises will surely bring a cheerful smile to your face and loosen those stress knots. Let happiness thrive, and peace resonate in every movement as you spend some quality time with your loved ones here