Our Approach


Sometimes, the hardest part is knowing where to begin. Most customer relationship  loyalty strategies fulfill functional needs. Very few get to what really engages, drives and motivates customers to do something. At Strategic Caravan we help answer the WHAT, WHY and HOW of customer behaviour.

We work with our clients to create tailor-made customer strategies using our 3D methodology. This structures customer strategy development into three phases

Discovery, Design, Development

Consulting Frameworks

ECECE Framework

The ECECE framework is a robust process that helps take a structured approach to designing loyalty programs. The ECECE approach recognises that there are several macro and micro factors that influence the designing of a loyalty program. The person designing a loyalty program has to understand each of the entities/phenomena that interact in the market place. This will ensure the best results for the customer and the organisation.

The ECECE Analysis

Program Audit

Program audit is very much like program design in the sense that it has to study the entire gamut of things from objectives to the action plan. But it differs from program design in one fundamental aspect. It is comparing the current values of program parameters against the values visualised during the design phase. It seeks to answer two questions:

a) Was the original design aligned to the vision?

b) Are there gaps in the implementation?

Based on the answers to these questions, it makes its recommendations to revamp the program towards an appropriate goal.



Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity Audit

Scoring Customer Centricity Recommendations

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

CEX Design

CEX Audit and Recommendations

Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty Program Design

Customer Loyalty Program Audit

Customer Loyalty Program Management

Scope of our services

Customer Relationship Consulting

Setting and Prioritising Objectives, Co-creating customer-centric strategies, Detailed implementation blueprints and go-to-market steps, Strategy Metrics and Evaluation methodology.

Customer Engagement Implementation and Loyalty Program Management

Partner selection, Model Selection, Hand-hold implementation, Customer Feedback and VOC, Customer Engagement Activity Calendar On-going monitoring, reviews and tracking.

Customer Strategy and Loyalty Strategy Workshops

Senior, Middle and Junior Management training in Customer Strategy, Loyalty Design and Development, Direct & Digital marketing, Data Analysis and Customer Insight Generation, Customer Segmentation, Rewards Management, Activity Planning.

Implementation Solutions

Digital Customer Engagement plans, Customer Loyalty Program operations and management, Campaign management & Creative development.


Customer Centricity

Readiness Audit, Gap Analysis,
Improvement areas


Enterprise wide CRM,
Centricity Road Map



Implementation Planning and
Blueprint Review of Milestones

Customer Experience

Engagement Audit
Touch Point Audit


Journey Mapping, Experience Mapping,
Experience Design, Experience Metrics



KPI Tracking, CEX Review Audits CSAT/NPS/VOC

Customer Loyalty

Program Audit and Recommendations
Program Revamp and Revitalisation Strategy


Loyalty Program Design, Value Proposition, Rule Book, Financial Modeling Customer Segmentation, Activity and Engagement Calendar by segment


Implementation Monitoring, Review, KPI Tracking, Voice of Customer